Mining & Resources

We provide custom products to enhance stability and meet safety standards and regulations on large-scale, industrial worksites.

Large worksites, such as mines and other resource sites, must adhere to very specific safety standards and programs. Unstable access roads can be a safety hazard as loose gravel, rutting and excessive dust can result in accidents involving large vehicles and heavy machinery. Proper pavement preparation, maintenance and dust control are required to make these roads safe for large vehicles and equipment.

Colasphalt’s line of quality emulsion and asphalt products improves the safety of roads and other surfaces for sectors such as mining, forestry, and oil and gas. Our products address issues such as dust control and road stability, creating a safe surface for heavy vehicles.

We work closely with our clients to ensure they select the best products for each project. If none of our existing products are suitable, we will work with mining and resource project leaders and engineers to customize or design a new product that will fit the needs of a project.

We understand that our products will likely be used for the purpose of maintaining safety standards. We can work with your company’s health and safety representatives to ensure that the products you select will effectively reduce dust, increase stability and perform other safety measures in your project area.

We understand that different regions have different environmental regulations and that meeting these regulations is necessary in order for your project to continue. We can formulate products using plant or water bases to reduce the risk of releasing VOCs, emitting airborne toxins or causing chemical leaching.

We are proud that our products have the following environmental benefits for the mining and resource industry:

  • Reduced air pollution
  • Proper base preparation saves energy by reducing the need for maintenance
  • Water- and plant-based products eliminate chemical leaching

Colasphalt provides the following products for mining & resources:

Base Preparation

Our base preparation products suppress dust and bind the layers of pavement together, creating a stable and long-lasting surface.

Dust Control

Our dust control products stabilize the surfaces of unpaved roads and improve the air quality of the surrounding area.