Large-Scale Parking Lots

We provide expertise and customized products to meet parking lot design specifications for major commercial and industrial facilities.

Large retailers, shopping centers and industrial facilities all see a high volume of traffic in their parking lots, often including heavy vehicles. Because the behaviour of parking lot traffic differs from that of on-road traffic, special design and performance considerations are necessary. Colasphalt provides asphalt products, as well as product design and consultation services, that address the needs of large-scale parking lots.

Our line of emulsion products meets the standards for large, traffic-heavy parking lots. We create our products to be durable and long-lasting, reducing costly maintenance and frequent replacement.

Because large parking lots have such specific needs, Colasphalt provides consultation and product design services to ensure the products used will best complement the parking lot’s design and requirements. Our team works directly with engineers and project leaders to identify the best products for the job. Our team can also customize products to fit with the parking lot’s design, using the clients’ specifications or our own.

We are proud that our products have the following environmental benefits for large-scale parking lots:

  • Proper base preparation saves energy by reducing need for maintenance
  • Warm mix asphalts save energy and reduce harmful emissions
  • Longer service life reduces environmental disturbances caused by frequent replacement

Colasphalt provides the following products for large-scale parking lots:

Base Preparation

Our base preparation products suppress dust and bind the layers of pavement together, creating a stable and long-lasting surface.

Liquid Asphalts

Our performance grade asphalts are available unmodified or modified with additives for enhanced performance.

Pavement Maintenance

Our pavement maintenance products protect and repair paved surfaces, extending service life and reducing the need for costly repaving.

Warm Mix Asphalt

Our warm mix asphalts are mixed and poured at lower temperatures, saving fuel and making it possible to pave remote areas.