We bring safety, quality and precision to airports by providing products that meet the design and engineering specifications of paved airport surfaces.

Airports require a number of different paved surfaces, such as runways, taxiways, airstrips and parking lots, each of which have unique requirements. Colasphalt provides products for virtually any paved airport surface, keeping in mind safety, durability, cost savings and environmental responsibility.

Airport surfaces have very specific requirements, such as high traffic capacity and crack-resistance under excessive weight. The team at Colasphalt can recommend products to address virtually any concern when it comes to airport surface design, construction and maintenance. We carry products to address issues such as dust control and base preparation. We also carry a line of anti-stripping agents to further enhance the performance of paved airport surfaces. Starting with the right products increases safety and durability, reducing the need for costly maintenance and increasing the surface’s service life.

We are proud that our products have the following environmental benefits for airports:

  • Proper base preparation reduces need for maintenance, saving energy
  • Longer service life reduces environmental disturbances caused by frequent replacement
  • Our pavement bonding products reduce binder flushing into the surrounding environment

If none of our products will adequately address the concern, we can design and produce customized products.

Colasphalt provides the following products for airports:

Anti-Stripping Agents

Anti-stripping agents improve binding between asphalt and aggregate, extending the life of the paved surface and reducing the need for costly maintenance.

Base Preparation

Our base preparation products suppress dust and bind the layers of pavement together, creating a stable and long-lasting surface.

Liquid Asphalts

Our performance grade asphalts are available unmodified or modified with additives for enhanced performance.

Pavement Bonding

Our pavement bonding products create a stronger and longer lasting surface by bonding together layers of pavement.

Pavement Maintenance

Our pavement maintenance products protect and repair paved surfaces, extending service life and reducing the need for costly repaving.