Oil and Gas

McAsphalt has an extensive product line that has many uses for those in the oil and gas industries.

We carry a full line of dedusting and road stabilization products to help maintain and keep your roads in good repair. Roads that are smooth increase cycle times and reduce suspension maintenance. Dust can be a safety hazard and is an abrasive material to engines and moving parts. Stabilized roads retain their aggregates for longer periods of time, reducing maintenance costs.

We also have products to minimize fugitive dust from loam windrows during pipeline operations and have engineered a full line of drilling fluids.

Give us a call to get the MCA Advantage – a partner and advisor who will consult with you about designs, specifications, technical services, processes and material selection. By developing innovative, custom-designed products that offer additional benefits, such as peak performance in unique conditions, improved field performance, and greater environmental and health benefits, the MCA Advantage provides significant long-term cost savings, resulting in lower “total cost of ownership.”