PG Asphalts

We provide rigorously tested Performance Grade (PG) Asphalt Products.

Performance grades are assigned based on how the asphalt performs against various conditions, such as high or low temperatures, moisture and heavy traffic. This provides a more accurate and detailed assessment of the asphalt’s performance through its service life than traditional penetration grades. The PG system allows Colasphalt to test the performance properties to select the best product for the project’s environmental and loading conditions.

Colasphalt stocks an assortment of PG asphalts at all times to reduce project completion time and avoid delays. If, however, none of our PG asphalt stock is suitable for your project, we can custom design and modify for a best fit. All custom products are tested with the same rigor as regularly stocked products.

Standard penetration grades are still available and we can assist you to convert penetration grades to performance grades.

View PG asphalt specifications.