Product Design

Colasphalt provides asphalt product design services.

Our products are used in a number of sectors and projects, including roads, airports, parking lots and mining access roads.

Our staff provide a complete range of product design services including:

We work with project engineers to determine the technical specifications and other considerations of each project. We look at factors such as environment, anticipated traffic and local regulations when creating our product recommendations.

Life Cycle Analysis
We carry a diverse range of products that address many performance and maintenance concerns. We thoroughly investigate each project before recommending an asphalt, additives or a combination of products. Value, performance and life cycle savings are our priority. For example, if a client is looking to reduce costs by using a thinner layer of asphalt, we can recommend a stronger formulation that will still accommodate anticipated traffic and maintain desired quality.

Additional Factors
Our product design services also incorporate aesthetics and environmental. We are flexible with our options. It is important that our clients receive the best products available for their specific project needs.