LEED® Credit Contribution

At Colasphalt, we take our commitment to green products, processes and technology seriously.

Colasphalt works to continuously develop new green products, processes and technologies that reduce environmental impacts.

In recognition for our efforts, Colasphalt has received credits from the LEED program for some of our products. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a program that was created to provide building owners with measurable criteria to reduce the environmental impact of their buildings. LEED credit is awarded based on how a building reduces environmental harm through both its construction and maintenance.

LEED credits were achieved by our innovative products such as our line of warm mix asphalts. Our warm mix asphalt products employ additives that allow the asphalt to remain flexible and pliable at lower temperatures. Lowering the temperature of asphalt reduces energy consumption and emissions than standard hot mix asphalt.

We have received LEED credit in the following categories:

  • Materials and Resource
    • MR 3.2, Material Reuse
    • MR 4.4, Recycled Content
    • MR 5.2, Regional Material
  • Innovation in Design
    • ID 1.5, Innovation in Design
  • Regional Priority
    • RP 1.4, Regional Priority