Community Commitment

At Colasphalt, we are dedicated to enhancing the communities we work in.

We strive to conduct our business in a way that is non-disruptive to our neighbours. Community involvement and contribution is highly regarded by management and employees.

Colasphalt values an open and respectful relationship with its neighbours in the community. We work to contribute positively by employing local residents, sponsoring and participating in community events, and addressing concerns in a timely manner.

Taking care of the environment means taking care of communities. At Colasphalt, we manage our emissions and take precautions against product spills, pollution and excessive use of well water. We carry a selection of eco-friendly products that reduce the environmental impacts to the communities where Colasphalt products are used.

Colas Cup 2014

We had fun at this year’s Colas Cup in Banff, Alberta and were proud to be a part of raising $35,000 for the BowValley Chapter of Kidsport!