Warm Mix Asphalt

A practical, responsible approach to paving.

Warm mix asphalt is an increasingly popular choice for paving. It provides more flexibility and is more environmentally friendly than traditional hot mix asphalt, but with virtually identical results.

Colasphalt’s warm mix asphalts are created when an additive is combined with hot mix asphalt to improve its ability to compact in low temperatures. As a result, the asphalt requires less heating while still maintaining the same properties as traditional hot mix. This reduces fuel use, as well as related costs and harmful emissions, making warm mix asphalt a more efficient and eco-friendly alternative to hot mix.

Warm mix asphalt is ideal for paving remote locations. Typically, remote locations can be difficult to pave because of lengthy transport from the batch plant to site. Long transport times causes excessive asphalt cooling and renders asphalt unworkable. Warm mix asphalt can be heated to the temperatures of hot mix asphalt, but even with significant heat loss is still functional.

Mixing at lower temperatures is preferential as liquid asphalt is exposed to less oxidation, resulting in a surface with much higher durability and lower susceptibility to low-temperature cracking. This results in a long service life and reduced need for maintenance, thereby reducing cost and wasted energy.

Warm mix asphalt can be mix and placed at temperatures 30-40 degrees lower than traditional hot mix asphalt. This reduces fumes, preserving the air quality and the health of the people and wildlife in the area. Lower temperature asphalts have reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), emissions and costs.

LEED Credits
Some of our warm mix asphalts contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credit. The LEED program was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council to provide building owners with measurable guidelines to reduce the environmental impact of the construction and maintenance of their buildings. Colasphalt has received LEED credit in the following categories:

Materials and Resource

  • MR 3.2, Material Reuse
  • MR 4.4, Recycled Content
  • MR 5.2, Regional Material

Innovation in Design

  • ID 1.5, Innovation in Design

Regional Priority

  • RP 1.4, Regional Priority

Product Design and Consultation

At Colasphalt, we work closely with our clients to ensure they select the best products for each project. For particularly demanding projects where custom products are necessary, we work with our clients to customize or design new ones that meet their needs and specifications.