Pavement Maintenance

Regular pavement maintenance is the key to safety and stability.

Without regular maintenance, roads and other paved surfaces can become worn out, unstable and dangerous. Colasphalt carries a number of pavement maintenance products that restore safety and stability to roads and extend the service life of pavement.

Crack Filler and Pothole Repair
Cracks and potholes are common results of road fatigue and moisture damage. If left untreated, cracks and potholes can be hazardous to traffic and can result in very large, costly repairs or replacement. Filling in cracks and potholes in a timely manner will save the time, costs and other resources associated with larger repairs. Colasphalt provides a number of products, including Spray Patch Emulsion and emulsions for Cold Mix Asphalt, to address crack and pothole repairs.

Seal Coats
Seal coats are applied to asphalt surfaces to protect against moisture, providing a long-term barrier against the elements. This is especially important in Canada, where thawing and freezing cycles cause pavement distress. Seal coats also restore and renew a road’s surface, improving skid resistance and creating a smoother surface.

Chip seals and graded seals must be applied at the correct moment of the life cycle of the road in order to properly prolong its service life. Repairing and replacing pavement due to improper seal coating can be very costly and time consuming. We work with our clients to ensure the best emulsions for chip sealing are chosen for the project’s environment and road conditions so that maximum value and cost savings are achieved.

Our emulsions for chip and seal coats will perform very well with standard application; however, they also have an inherent compatibility with FiberMat, a Colas pavement application process that provides superior stress absorption.

Colasphalt Spray Patch Emulsion

Colasphalt Spray Patch Emulsion is a fast and effective way to patch cracks and potholes. It may also be used to prime road surfaces for seal coats and micro-surfacing. Using a Spray Patch Emulsion is one of the fastest methods for crack filling, allowing for faster project turnover time.

Benefits of Spray Patch Emulsion

  • Fast application
  • Primes surface for seal coats or micro-surfacing
  • Excellent storage stability while retaining a quick set

In addition to Colasphalt Spray Patch Emulsion, we carry the following pavement maintenance products:

  • CQS-1H
  • CQS-1HP
  • HF-100s
  • HF-100s A/S
  • HF-150s
  • HF-150s A/S
  • HF-250S
  • HF-250S A/S
  • HF-350S
  • HF-100P
  • HF-100P A/S
  • HF-150P
  • HF-150P A/S
  • HF-250P
  • HF-250P A/S
  • CRS-2
  • CRR-2P
  • LMCRS-2
  • CRS-1

Product Design and Consultation

At Colasphalt, we work closely with our clients to ensure they select the best products for each project. For particularly demanding projects where custom products are necessary, we work with our clients to customize or design new ones that meet their needs and specifications.