Liquid Asphalts

Colasphalt carries modified and unmodified Performance Grade (PG) asphalts.

Our modified asphalts are engineered to enhance the performance of pavement. We supply polymer-modified and additive-modified asphalts that serve a number of individual purposes, including increased resistance to moisture, cold temperatures and heavy traffic.

At Colasphalt, all of our modified and unmodified asphalts are tested according to PG specifications. Performance grades are assigned by testing the performance properties of an asphalt sample under specific conditions such as temperature and pressure. This gives a more accurate assessment of the sample than traditional penetration grading, as it shows how the asphalt will perform in various environmental conditions, which is a primary consideration for any project. We can also provide standard penetration grades upon request.

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Product Design and Consultation

At Colasphalt, we work closely with our clients to ensure they select the best products for each project. For particularly demanding projects where custom products are necessary, we work with our clients to customize or design new ones that meet their needs and specifications.