Dust Control

Keeping dust to a minimum enhances road safety and air quality.

Large amounts of dust on a road surface can cause many problems, such as reduced visibility, poor air quality and safety concerns. Asphalt emulsion sprays and other dust control products can correct this problem by penetrating graded surfaces to keep dust and gravel in place.

Colasphalt carries dust control products designed to suppress dust and improve the stability of roads and other surfaces for long periods of time. This long-lasting protection stabilizes a road surface, reduces maintenance, improves visibility and safety, and is suitable for both regular and heavy industrial traffic.

Our dust control products are utilized in many areas, including:

  • Road Surfaces
  • Construction Sites
  • Quarries
  • Rails
  • Mine Access Roads

The Environmental Advantage

Proper dust control measures can have many positive impacts on the environment and health of nearby residents and workers. Excess dust and loose gravel can reduce air quality, which can be harmful to people, wildlife and vegetation in the area. Our dust control products suppress dust and loose grave to reduce the effects of traffic on surrounding areas.

Traditional dust control methods often incorporate the use of petroleum products, which can pollute the surrounding ground and air, and have the potential to contaminate nearby water sources. Colasphalt provides dust control products that are derived from natural materials and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC). Natural materials reduce many environmental risks commonly associated with petroleum based dust control products, such as chemical leaching, corrosion and the release of airborne toxins.

Dust control also helps reduce the need for road maintenance. Proper dust control products are engineered to bond the road surface, guarding against water damage. Increased quality and service life of the road reduces fuel and energy required for frequent road repairs.

Product Design and Consultation

At Colasphalt, we work closely with our clients to ensure they select the best products for each project. For particularly demanding projects where custom products are necessary, we work with our clients to customize or design new ones that meet their needs and specifications.