Cold Mix Asphalt

Ready when you need it.

Cold mix asphalt is mixed and applied at lower temperatures than conventional hot mix, making it perfect for the western Canadian environment. Cold mix asphalt can be premixed and stored for months at a time, making it ideal for road repairs and other low-volume uses.

Cold mix asphalt is produced when a special type of emulsified asphalt is mixed with aggregates. The emulsion used reduces the viscosity of the asphalt, making it pliable even at cold temperatures.

Cold mix asphalt also has a number of environmental benefits. Low-temperature mixing reduces fuel consumption and resulting fumes. Production of cold mix asphalt doesn’t require high temperatures, therefore, emissions from the production facility are also reduced.

Colasphalt High Residue Emulsion

Colasphalt High Residue Emulsion is a cold mix asphalt ideal for road patches and repairs in almost any temperature. Colasphalt High Residue Emulsion gives you the option of blade laying or paver laying. It’s very pliable, even when cold, while still maintaining high float characteristics.

Colasphalt High Residue Emulsion can perform many of the same functions as hot mix asphalt while using a lower volume of product, making it a more efficient way to address pavement repair and maintenance.

Benefits of Colasphalt High Residue Emulsion:

  • Retains a very high percentage of asphalt residue
  • Retains pliability and high-float properties
  • Allows for blade laying or paver laying

Colasphalt Eco Products

Colasphalt’s Eco Products provide a more responsible alternative to traditional asphalt products. Our Eco Products present environmentally friendly qualities in their composition, application and results.

In addition to Colasphalt High Residue Emulsion, we carry the following cold mix asphalt products:

  • HF-300M
  • HF-500M
  • HF-1000M

Product Design and Consultation

At Colasphalt, we work closely with our clients to ensure they select the best products for each project. For particularly demanding projects where custom products are necessary, we work with our clients to customize or design new ones that meet their needs and specifications.