About Colasphalt

Colasphalt is a distributor of asphalt, emulsions and additives.

We are based in Western Canada, with locations in Calgary, Clairmont and Acheson and a location in Kamloops, BC.

Colasphalt’s line of asphalt products is designed to address common pavement issues before they begin. Moisture, freezing cycles and general use all cause pavement distress, but by beginning with the correct products, the quality of the pavement is preserved for a much longer period of time.

We provide consultation services for industries such as roads and highways, airports, mining and resources, and large-scale parking lots. We work with engineers and project leaders, helping them to select the best products for their projects. We offer product design services for particularly challenging projects that have specific needs.

With our line of products, we strive to be conscientious of our environment, our communities and the work crews on each project. Many of our products are derived from organic materials and cause significantly less damage to the environment than the alternatives. We also have a number of products that don’t emit the volume of toxic fumes that you see with alternatives, which is better for the health of the people and wildlife in the area.

We are members of the Colas Group, world leaders in asphalt engineering and technology. As such we have access to the latest research and technologies, allowing us to provide the best possible products to our customers.